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Nick: KatolaZ
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WWW: http://kalos.mine.nu
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- The slides of my talk about minimalism and modularity at the 1st Devuan Conference (5th-7th April 2019, Amsterdam) Creative Commons License
- The page describing my experiments with a minimal live Devuan (my Devuan minimal-live images are now officially included in Devuan GNU + Linux)
- The homepage of setnet, a simple tool to manage network connections under GNU/Linux
- A page with QEMU images of a few historical GNU/Linux distributions
- A page describing how to control the brightness of your screen using ACPI events.

Academic stuff

- You find my institutional webpage at http://maths.qmul.ac.uk/~vnicosia
- The website http://complex-networks.net contains all the software and data sets accompanying the textbook Complex Networks: Principles, Methods, and Applications

Old stuff

- My old webpage (in Italian) is still online, but has not been updated since 2008.

The style of this web page was inspired by motherfuckingwebsite.com and by bettermotherfuckingwebsite.com. You should have a look at both and get inspiration for the next webpage you'll put online. Just forget thebestmotherfucking.website: they have no clue whatsoever of what "lightweight" means, or of how the web should look like, for that matter ;P
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